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Table of Contents


NYS Department of Ags & Markets Animal Health Requirements

Essex County Board of Supervisors

Fair Board of Directors

Fair Schedule

NYS General Regulations - Animals

General Regulations - Fair Board Announcements and Entries Rules


Department A1 - Open Horse Shows and GYMKHANA Rules and Forms

Department A2 - Draft Horse & All Bread Driving

Department A3 - Horse Pulling

Department B - Cattle

Department C - Sheep

Department C-1 - Goats

Department D - Swine

Department E - Poultry & Rabbits


Floral Hall Exhibits Information

Department F - Farm Products

Department G - Fruit

Department H - Flowers

Department I - Apiary, Maple and Dairy Products

Department J - Homemaking

Department K - Arts & Crafts

Department M - Contests

Department N - Wine Making

Department O - Organizations

Department P - Inventions & Technology

General Entry Forms


Demolition Derby Information and Rules

Deomlition Derby Entry Form

Knight of Mayhem Trailer Races Information and Rules

Knight of Meyhem Entry Form

Powerwheels Entry and Relaease Forms  and Relaease Forms 


2018 Fair Handbook - Complete in one file (PDF)

New York State Association State Pass Form